Email Newsletter

It’s imperative that you get visitors to subscribe to your e-mail newsletter; otherwise, they are gone for good. This way you’ll be able to market to them again and again and greatly increase their chances of making a purchase.

Securing that subscription should be your very top priority. Put a subscription box on every page on your website, perhaps at the top right or left corner of your webpage.

Once you’ve added a subscription page to your site, you can promote your e-mail newsletter in several ways.

Work with your Web host to ensure proper e-zine publishing. Most hosts require your e-zine subscriber list to be an opt-in list.

Get your articles published in ezines. Make sure that your article resource box (the info that appears about you at the end of your article) includes your compelling offer to get readers to sign up for your newsletter and receive your free gift.

Make sure to protect your visitors privacy. Always assure customers that you won’t sell their names or give away their private information. States your privacy policy.

Also, Let your website viewers in on a little personal information about you. The Internet is one cold place so add some “warmth” to your website. It will pay off in a big way for you!

Use these tips to build a lucrative e-mail newsletter!

A targeted e-mail newsletter is a highly recommended marketing strategy for making more money online.

To Your Success!