How to Do Keyword Research for SEO

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We’ve found that many of our clients have a somewhat difficult time in trying to select the three “perfect” keywords. Should that one word or two? Should it be capitalized? Should I choose just a word or a phrase? A good deal of our time
is spent in consulting clients on keyword selection, so we’ll try to answer some of your questions here.

Each order consists of six keyword/phrases selected by you. We ask only that you select six keyword/phrases that you feel best represent your site and that you would like potential visitors to be able to find you with. Now, because we use those six keyword/phrases as a foundation for writing the text for your promotional site, please DO NOT choose keyword/phrases that don’t apply to your product or service. Remember, the better you target your customers’ needs or desires, the better you’ll be able to supply those needs or desires.

Our objective is to get you placed in the top 20 of the major search engines under as many related keywords as possible, because it is impossible to surgically place the “perfect” keyword on the “perfect” engine. How do we know what exact word is being typed in by 50+ million people a day on 10 different major search engines? We don’t, and neither does anyone else!

Therefore, we construct the pages in the informational site so they will place in the top 20 for Computers or computers. We construct the pages to place under computer equipment AND computer hardware. We build the pages in the promotional site so that computer equipment may be in the top 20 on Excite AND computer hardware be in the top 20 on Alta Vista. See our point?

We simply create the site in such a way as to capture as many top placements on as many search engines as possible. This “shotgun” approach just makes good sense and again our goal is to get BUYING customers to your site and we don’t charge you until we do!

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