Local Digital Marketing Solutions for Multi Location Businesses

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It’s no secret that in the last few years, the way we shop has dramatically changed. Online consumers are investigating companies like they’re Googling a blind date. They need to realize that your organization is trustworthy, and, most importantly, that you have nearby locations.

People won’t spend hours scouring the Internet to locate a place near them, no matter how famous the company is. They can afford to be picky, because at the nearest companies with the highest star ranking, they can now find the best offers.

All the data is at their fingertips and they’re stuck to all day long inside the tablets. We speak a lot about small businesses and their need to keep up in today’s new environment because of these changes. But, what about major brands around the country with multiple locations?

Well, in order to thrive, small businesses are not the only ones that need a local digital marketing plan. You will need one. Here is the reason why:

Ninety percent of transactions are still in-store, but 97 percent of individuals first examine the company online.
Within 24 hours of a local search, 50 percent of consumers visit a shop.

Forrester estimated that the Internet would impact 40 percent of in-store revenues from 2016-20211. That means that before they even walk into a shop, people search for information online. They want to read feedback, see where the company is located, find out when the company is open and check out its profiles on social media.

So, they check online before a client visits your shop. If your locations do not show up, someone else is going to show up and they’re going to get the business. Branding isn’t relevant, we’re not saying, but local marketing is where you can connect with, engage and attract local consumers.

Localizing the marketing plan of your company would make sure that when customers are searching for companies like yours, you can be identified. It can also help to create a loyal community of local customers who want your brand to connect with.

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